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9 Serija
16 Rgp. 2019

Krepšiai 4 sezonas

Baskets 4 season
  • Metai: 2019
  • Kalba: Anglų k.
  • Režisavo: Louis C.K
  • Aktoriai: Zach Galifianakis, Martha Kelly, Louie Anderson, Ernest ...
Filmo siužetas:
Chip Baskets has a dream: become a classically trained French clown in Paris. Things dont go as well as hed like, though, largely because of an impenetrable language barrier. With his lack of success overseas and mounting financial problems, Chip moves back home to Bakersfield, Calif., which presents other challenges for the wannabe jester. Going back home means having to confront his past, and compete with his siblings for his mothers approval. Even though he didnt make it as a clown in France, Chip is sort of living his dream -- as a rodeo clown.
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